Salmon season 2020

it’s been too long when we last time updated our blog. New salmon season 2020 is already up and running! It’s been difficult year for all human kind and travel companies across the globe as well. Our wishes for all those who has suffer due the corona virus. The pandemic has also cause that at least the June fishing this season will happen without our foreign guests and friends. Let’s hope we can have some guests from the abroad later this season!

Well, then the fishing. It hasn’t been too easy beginning for the salmon season either. The winter was long and full of snow here in Lapland. The cold weathers continued longer than usual and in early May we still had skiing and snow mobile tracks in use. The unusual weather conditions were visible with huge flood in the first two weeks of the June. The water level rose almost to cottages and houses by the river bank and the record flood from the year 1968 was only some half meter away. The water was dark, muddy and trees, grass and even docks were flowing in the river. Needless to say the fishing during the first ten days of the season was pretty tough and only few salmon were caught from the river. Even tough there weren’t salmon caught in first two weeks, there were some really nice sea trout caught and released. It might be a good run for sea trout coming this season! 7 big fish has been already caught from our home pool and biggest an impressive 80 cm male fish.

During the second weekend of the season the water level begin to drop and heat wave reached the North. Since the last Friday the water level have dropped a huge 1,5 meter and is now in pretty much at normal level for season. The salmon run has also begin slowly like everything seems to happen this year. Fishing is slowly picking up, and our youngest guide Saku caught the first fresh salmon from Naamisuvanto this season yesterday during fine evening light! More catch updates have been received from Pello region today and the salmon run will hopefully start to rise soon too. You can follow the updates from the salmon sonar from Kattilakoski from this link: The heat wave at the moment is little worrying for the fishermen, since the water temp is already 16 degrees. Hopefully the weathers will change after Midsummer. But at least there will be some terrific nightless nights for the eager fishermen during the Midsummer! Tight lines for all you guys out by the river, it’s time to enjoy of the summer now!

Saku with a fresh chrome!