Salmon season 2018 is on!

Hello everybody!

This is our new blog from the River Tornio. We will tell here feelings and news from Naamisuvanto salmon fishing resort. We will update this blog mainly on Sundays, so after fishing week. Salmon season 2018 is on and running! Season began exactly one week ago on last Friday. First guests has arrived this week and first few salmon have been already caught from Naamisuvanto region. So everything is looking promising and we are very excited for the new season!

Salmon run has started well and it’s ahead of average as you can see from this link: This web page is the one salmon fishermen all over Tornevalley are following eagerly. Web page is showing amount of salmon entering river and passing echo sounders, which are calculating fish at Kattilakoski some 50 km down from our home pool Naamisuvanto.

There are great fishing conditions in the river at the moment. Water temperature is between 8-9 degrees and water level is low. Spring has been so dry that water level is actually near Mid July or August levels and water is very clear at the moment. Since the water is cold, low water doesn’t bother and fishing week has been great all over the valley. There are also very big fish running and even two fish over 20 kilos has been reported this week from Pello region. One of those, 129 cm cock fish was caught from the neck of Jarhois just 3 km upstream from our camp. Santtu “Sane” Peltonen was the guide, who pulled up the first salmon of our lodge this season. Fantastic female fish took tube fly during boat fishing trip on Tuesday evening! 106 cm was the length of the fish.

More news and update from our fly fishing premier of the season will be coming on Sunday. Stay tuned and tight lines for the salmon anglers all over the globe! Season is finally here after long winter… 😉