The Tornio River (also called the Torne River) is famous for its big salmon. The average weight per fish for the whole fishing season has been around 6-8 kg in recent years. Every year the biggest salmon caught in the Tornio river weighs more than 20 kg, so you have a realistic chance of catching the fish of a lifetime. These are mesmerising numbers, and if you really want to feel a big salmon pulling your line, the Tornio River is the right place for you!

The Tornio River is a really big river and in many areas, it is also very wide. That might be the clearest reason why traditional Finnish boat fishing is so popular for salmon here. In boat fishing, we use traditional river boats, which are long and narrow. They are specially designed for running and turbulent water. With these qualities, river boats are perfect for salmon trolling and driving rapids with a motor. But since the boats are very narrow and the river powerful, you need experience and skills to read the current and use the boat.

Fly fishing has grown in popularity, especially among fishing tourists. Since the Tornio River is such a big river, you need to know where to fish and which kind of lines to use during the season. Luckily, in many places, rapids are so powerful, that salmon run very near the river banks. The Tornio River is long and full of amazingly good salmon pools.  In the lower part of the river system, the river is big and powerful, but in the upper parts and its tributaries, there is less water. You have fast running pools and stable holding pools with great scenery and peaceful landscapes.

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