Nice August fishing

The first full week of August has gone. Water temperature is getting down to ideal at the moment. Last week water temps were mainly between 16-18 degrees, but this morning it was already under 16 degrees. Last week offered fantastic salmon fishing in the cooling waters at Naamisuvanto and our co-partner Kengis Bruk’s waters. 27 fish were landed, 7 of them over 80 cm and 2 over 100 cm. 17 fish were landed at our home pool and 10 in Kengis. The biggest fish of the week was 108 cm female caught by our Austrian guests Andy and his son Severin. We had guests from Southern Finland, Oulu region, Middle Europe and all the way from Texas, USA. Guys were lucky enough to experience the best fishing of the season with many takes and great fights. Let the photos do the talking…

Andy releasing the biggest fish of the week!
Tail of nice fresh salmon in the darkness of August evening.
Our guide Isak releasing 82 cm female caught from the boat.
Our guide sane holding nice fresh fish at Kengis Bruk fyl fishing area.
Grilse are running and they are active.