Midway of the season

Hello everybody!

Salmon season has almost reached halfway. We’ve had lots of guests and it seems that season has been extremely busy, since we haven’t got time to update news here! It is of course very pleasing to have full house and plenty of guests, so thank you all, who have been our guests so far during this summer!

Our youngest guide Saku and new employee Arttu holding pure chrome.

The fishing season has been quite strange to be honest. Ice departured very early from the river. This spring it happened during last days of the April, when it usually happens somewhere around mid May. Ice melted without any big flood in the Spring and water level was much lower than usually, when the fishing season began on the 1st of June. The salmon run begin early with good number of fish entering the river already during first days of June. Then arrived massive flood and water level raised quickly during few days 120cm. That affect fishing of course and there were everything flowing in the river including trees, hay bales and docks. So the first week or two offered very nice conditions for fly fishing with extremely high water and salmon running near the bank in many pools. Boat fishing though were very hard since there were lots of grass and mud in the water and flood also decreased the good early run numbers of fish. Before the Midsummer water level dropped, water get clearer, but number of running fish remain pretty low and only few fresh salmon were caught by our guides and guests. The Midsummer arrived with a classical Midsummer flood from the Swedish mountains, but during the fest of the nightless night the bigger schools of salmon start to enter the river too! The week after the Midsummer and the first week of July we saw the biggest schools of salmon running this year, when over 3000 fish passed Kattilakoski sonar during one day in two occasions. Nevertheless those two typical hit weeks were pretty slow fishing this year. We guided some salmon and guests caught few by themselves, but fishing weren’t as good as you could have expected from the run and conditions at the river.

The story of the season so far has really been that there is pretty good number of salmon in the river but they haven’t bite too eagerly yet. But on the other hand there is a good amount of salmon in the river, which is promising for the second part of the season! In the lures (wobblers and spoons) the absolute hit colour this season has been copper and different variations with copper, red and black. Brown and yellow have delivered some as well, but strangely black-red, green-yellow and other typical combinations for running salmon have been swimming without attention from the fish. From the flies copper amd red colours such as Phtagorva have worked too and dirty Banana has fooled fish in sunny conditions.

Fly fishing from the boat during misty morning.
Guests Akseli and his father Tuomas smiling in the boat for a good reason!

Now we are going towards the end of second week in July. Number of salmon entering the river is still quite impressive, around 1100 per day lately. It seems that salmon run is going towards same kind of numbers as in year 2015, when little less than 60 000 salmon passed Kattilakoski sonar (100km from the river mouth). You can see the amount of this year’s run here: https://www.luke.fi/tietoa-luonnonvaroista/kalat-ja-kalatalous/kalavarat/lohi/tornion-ja-simojoen-nousulohiseuranta/

After cold and rainy last week the weather changed last Sunday and this week’s weather has been mainly sunny and day temps between 15-20 degrees. Cold nights have kept the water temperature still cold and it’s now around 13 degrees. The fishing during early week was really promising with 3 guided salmon and couple others caught during Monday evening and Tuesday. After that fishing has been slower, but grilse are arriving soon and we hope that they activate the bigger fish in the river biting better too!