Midsummer time

June has been once again a very busy time for our company. Days are long when sun never sets. Even though it feels, that there would be use for extra hours during weeks. We’ve had full booked fishing lodge since the start of the season and it’s been reasonably good salmon fishing during the whole Month. Nevertheless this week has been arguably the best fishing week of the June so far! Main run of the migrating salmon are now starting to hit the river. The water level is extremely low comparing usual level during June, but it’s clear and chill with temperatures variating between 12-13 degrees. So conditions for boat fishing has been good. For fly fishing low water cause some challenges, but you just need to find pools where fish really stops and comes near the bank at the moment. Running fish are still mainly big and average weight has been near 10 kg. Amount of running salmon passing Kattilakoski counter has been some 600-700 fishes daily. Follow the counter here: https://www.luke.fi/tietoa-luonnonvaroista/kalat-ja-kalatalous/kalavarat/lohi/tornion-ja-simojoen-nousulohiseuranta/

There has been some cracker salmon caughts from both fly and boat fishing! Here are few photos from the last days of the fishing… Now we gonna have a short break from guiding during Midsummer celebrations. But before that we’ll be hosting World Fishing day on Saturday at 7-10 a.m. Finnish time! You can follow it on air from here: https://www.worldfishingday.com/


Stay tuned!