Grayling and other fishes

The Tornio River and its tributaries have good grayling populations via the river. Grayling spawn in late May or early June. Before spawning, it is not ethical to fish grayling, even though Finnish law doesn’t prohibit it. The early season would be also difficult for grayling fishing in both the Tornio River and its tributaries, because waters are high, and there aren’t many water insects yet. Good grayling fishing starts before Midsummer, when stoneflies and dipteras begin hatching. If June is warm, dry fly fishing is already great, and nymph and larva fishing works for sure. In late June, mayflies and caddisflies start hatching, and from the July on, dry fly fishing is really good. You will also catch graylings with nymph-, pupa- and larvaflies, if for some reason, you don’t like dry fly fishing or the graylings aren’t active. Late July and early August is usually prime time for dry fly fishing in the Tornio Valley. Evenings before sunset make for especially great grayling fishing. In late August, nymph fishing is very effective and pleasant, while dry fly fishing slows down. Grayling fishing lasts until the middle of September in the Tornio River, even though the salmon fishing season has finished. In early September, you can enjoy beautiful days and good nymph and dry fly fishing in a peaceful river not crowded with too many other fishermen.

Other fishes
Trout fishing has been banned in the Tornio River since 2013, because the trout population has declined. Luckily, in the last three years, the number of trout caught has risen during salmon fishing. Sea trout of the Tornio River grow big, and they are powerful fighters on the line. If you catch one, release it carefully back into the river. Most sea trout are caught in June or late August, during the two main runs of trouts.

Pike and perch are also quite common fishes in the Tornio River. You can catch them in the Tornio River during salmon season. There are also many good lakes near Naamisuvanto, where you can fish both species successfully throughout the season. Both fishes spawn in the spring after the ice melts. After that, they are hungry and take to lures very well. For the bigger pike, the prime fishing season is early spring and autumn. But throughout the summer, both fishes are active, and fishing can be good.

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